Fish Species
The following list is just a few of the species of fish that we target here at the FFFA. There are over 200 species of fish in Florida, and we invite you to catch a few, but please practice catch and release methods.
False Albacore, Little Tunny, Spotted Bonito
Official Name: Euthynnus alletteratus
Range: Atlantic East Coast
Favorite Places: Florida coast
Flies: Albaclouser
Techniques: Chumming and sight casting to busting fish.

Official Name: Sphyraena barracuda
Range: Inshore and offshore
Favorite Places: Inshore flats and off shore wrecks.
Flies: baitfish imitations; needlefish patterns, anything flashy and fast.
Techniques: Tease with live chum then bait and switch.

Cobia, Lemonfish, Ling
Official Name: Rachycentron canadum
Range: Atlantic east coast, Gulf coast
Favorite Places: The west and east coass of Florida
Flies: Poppers. Big Half & Halfs
Techniques: Chumming; search bouys and floating objects, turtles.

Official Name: Megalops atlanticus
Range: Warm coastal Atlantic, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico
Favorite Places: Florida!
Flies: Cockroaches, tarpon flies, Baitfish imitations
Techniques: This is a sight fishing game.
Dolphin, Mahi Mahi, Dorado
Official Name:
Corypaena hippurus
Range: Offshore
Favorite Places: Weedlines and floating debris
Flies: Poppers and small streamers
Techniques: Hunt temperature breaks and weedlines for these schooling fish. Once you get one to the boat, the rest of the school will often follow, leading to constant action on light fly tackle.
Official Name: Pomatomus saltatrix
Range: Atlantic East Coast
Favorite Places: Inlets and passes. Offshore wrecks.
Flies: Poppers and baitfish imitations.
Techniques: Fast retrieves using heavy mono or wire shock leaders.
Redfish, Red Drum, Spottail Bass
Official Name: Sciaenops ocellatus
Range: Atlantic coast, Gulf of Mexico
Favorite Places: North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Louisiana
Flies: Crab patterns, Shrimp patterns, Clousers
Spotted Seatrout, Speckled Trout, Speck
Official Name: Cynoscion nebulosus
Range: Atlantic east coast
Favorite Places: North and South Carolina; Florida; Texas
Flies: Decievers; Clouser minnows
Techniques: Blind casting marsh edges, flats, and oyster bars.
King Mackerel, Kingfish
Official Name: Scomberomorus cavalla
Range: Atlantic east coast, Gulf coast
Favorite Places: Florida
Flies: Half & Halfs; Pink & white, chartreuse & white.
Techniques: Chumming and deep drifting flies around bait concentrations.
Official Name: Istiophorus platypterus
Range: Offshore
Favorite Places: Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala, Florida
Flies: Tube flies; ballyhoo imitations
Techniques: Teasing

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