September Monthly News


September 2018

Where has 2018 gone, seem like it was only a week or so that we were in Miami fishing the canals, but now we are putting things together for the North Carolina fishing trip. Which brings up another discussion, what impact is Florence going to have on us. as it is only two and a half weeks until we plan to travel. We also want to send out our condolences and best wishes to those directly impacted by Florence.

Having traveled I-95 since the mid 1970’s, I can’t remember as much rain and flooding as that area has seen the past three years, especially eastern North and South Carolina.  Pat prepared to leave last Wednesday for Virginia to see the Great Granddaughter but now not sure when it will be safe to travel.  After a flood of this magnitude, gasoline and other utilities become a premium, so caution is required.

Once again, we will be using our new website for the distribution of the FFFA Fishin’ Rag. If you are a member of the club and haven’t registered on the website, you need to do so ASAP.  The latest Roster, meeting Minutes (Board and General Membership) plus any other Club Specific information will be on the website open to registered members “only”.  The website is up and running and we are still working out some wrinkles, but I think you will find this is a great new tool for the club.  Keith Braun has worked very hard to get us a useful website and I think all of us on the board that worked at getting is started are proud that we finally are on the web. You will be able to look up all the club’s scheduled events and if you so desire, you can download a copy to your smart phone.  If you need help, I am sure that Keith will head you in the right direction.

Steve Lo is the 2019 Nominations Committee Leader and either he or a volunteer will call you to solicit your help by either volunteering to serve in a BOD position or by assisting Steve and the Committee in finding qualified candidates for the needed positions. We are hoping to have a sample ballot on the website by the end of October for the election at November General Meeting on November the 27th. If you so desire, you can fill out a copy of the website ballot and either mail or email it to a member of the current BOD as an absentee ballot. In addition to the BOD election, we will be having our annual silent auction as part of the same meeting. Joe Sherer, FFFA VP, will be providing pictures of some items, available at the silent auction, on the website between now and mid-November. This will give everyone an idea what is being auctioned plus we expect some special items to also be available, so check the website.\for details.

Two additional upcoming events that I will mention are the “Hot Spots” night on the 23rd of October.  Look for the presenters and areas of interest on the website calendar of events, Last time we held this event we had a standing room only, so come early, pick your favorite seat and enjoy dinner from the Kay’s menu.  The second event is the Holiday party being held on the 8th of December at the Viera East Resident’s Club with Happy Hour at 6:00, Dinner at 7:00 sharp.  We will wind things up at 10:00 to allow us time to clean up and leave the area clean.  Donna Gabor is our Hostess again this year, so thank her the next time you see her.  Our preliminary raffle items this year will be the personal size Yeti cooler, a custom Fly Rod and the Fly Tree with 25 custom made flies. On the tree, you get to keep the flies, but we want the tree back so that we can use it again next year.  Tickets for the raffle are $5 each or 5 tickets for $20.  We will also be having our gift exchange, so start looking for a unique fishing/outdoor type gift around the $20 range. We will be entertained by the same Musician this year, courtesy Randy Cleveland. I will be posting the Holiday Flyer, which includes the directions to the Club house.  I will also be posting a sign-up sheet with a space for listing a side dish. The club will furnish the Turkey and Ham, along with the soft drinks (diet and regular), tea, ice, paper goods and plastic utensils. If you are new to the club or have never attended this event, a good time is always had by all, so join us if you can.

Dave Harbour

FFFA President