October Monthly News


October 2018

Fresh back from the Great Smoky Mountains where we enjoyed several days of Fly Fishing friendship, but now I need to settle down and get back on course.  Ron Nementz and I shared the ride for the Smoky’s trip and due to the unknown status of Michael, we cut our stay a day short.  Weather was extremely warm for October and the campgrounds and parks were packed with hikers and fellow fisherpersons, but with the warm weather, the larger fish were staying in the higher elevations.  Ron and I traveled on the “Senior Circuit” therefore what we saw and/or caught would have fit in a sardine can. On the plus side, we provided a lot of entertainment to the kids and gave some other folks the opportunity to tell us what we were doing wrong. In times like this, being catch and release has its advantage.  But I really enjoy the mountains streams with their many waterfalls, which provided the perfect backdrop for the fellowship of the trip.

Speaking of Michael, our hearts and prayers go out to those who experienced firsthand, the mighty power of Mother Nature. Many have lost their lives and those who have survived, many have lost either lost friends or family in addition to everything they owned.  Remembering firsthand the devastation of Andrew and the impact it had on southern Florida, it will be many years before the gulf coast recovers, but the scars will remain forever. While natural disasters are something that we cannot control, we must always be mindful of their power and the impact it can have on human lives, and act accordingly.

Our Website, FloridaflyfishingAssociation.org, is up and running, and we encourage all Club members to go to the website and register.  All club internal information will be via the website, visible only to members who are registered.

This month’s General membership meeting’s program will be an update to our previous  “Hot Spots” program, and I am sure that we are in for a treat. I would suggest that everyone come a few minutes early and enjoy dinner from Kay’s large dinner menu to ensure that you have a seat. At the last “Hot Spots” Kay’s back room, which seats 50 was standing room only. In fact, I was told later that some people came and when they saw the situation left.  We are looking forward to a good crowd but hope that we are able to seat everyone.

November is our silent auction program which coincides with our yearly election of Officers for the upcoming year.  Steve Lo and the Nominating Committee are busy calling all of the club members to inform them of the upcoming election and also provide them with the opportunity of being a potential candidate for a BOD position. We will be publishing the official ballot on the website early in November and if you are unable to attend you can vote by absentee ballot either by mail or thru the website.

Also want to remind everyone that our Holiday Party will be on 8 December at the Viera East Resident’s Center, 1964 Golf Vista Blvd. Rockledge 32955.  This is the same place as the past couple of years and Donna Gabor has graciously agreed to be our host once again.  Raffle Tickets for the event are currently be sold by Joe Sherer, the Vice President for $5 a ticket or 5 tickets for $20. The prizes include a YETI Booty cooler, A custom Fly Rod and the 25 flies from our Holiday Tree. Yes, we keep the tree so we can use it again next year. The Holiday Flyer along with more detailed directions to the club house is available on the website.

In case you have not heard, after four years I have requested that another member of the club be elected President of FFFA.  My primary reason is that I am now battling Macular Degeneration in my left eye.  Since cataract surgery a few years ago, I have been operating with “mono vision”, meaning I see distance with one eye and read or see close-up with the other eye.  Well, this is my reading eye, and while there is no real cure, there are injections available which hopefully slow AMD down and perhaps stabilize it. That is my status, injections every 4 to 6 weeks and cross my toes.  I think it is working, but I currently cannot read without glasses, readers work, but still getting injections. It has been my pleasure to have the opportunity to serve as your Club President for the past 4 years.  It has been a great honor to me and  very instrumental in my conversion into the world of retirement. I want to give a very special thanks to each member of the FFFA, it has been a GREAT trip.

Dave Harbour

FFFA President