July Monthly News


After almost three years of chasing our tails. It appears that we are going to finally have a NEW website. Many thanks to Keith Braun for not giving-up and helping us find someone who can put us back on the web. It is our desire to have the initial pages up and in place by early August, we will notify everyone once it is up and running. We are going to start slow with the basics and continue adding until we have a website that you, the members, can feel at ease directing a potential new member to, knowing they will find all the latest information about FFFA , FINALLY It was also great to see our family and friends in the great states of VA and WVA, especially our new great-granddaughter. What a little package of love and dynamite. As always, it was great to get back home, but unfortunately it has either been too hot and rainy or I have been in a Doctor’s waiting room. As I heard last night, we all know we are going to get older, we just didn’t know it was going to be this soon.
I have a couple of club related events that I would like to share and hope that everyone comes out and supports our club events. First one is the Family Picnic, July 29th at Burton Park on RTE 520 just east of Lone Cabbage Fish Camp. We will be passing around a potential attendee list along with your side dish the July 24th General Member-ship Meeting, We need to have an idea of how many burgers and dogs we need to purchase, so if you can’t make the meeting and would like to come, please send myself or Keith Braun a short e-mail to let us know. Secondly, we are having two special General Membership meetings this year, October 23rd we are doing the FFFA Hot-Spots again and this is an oppor-tunity to find new fishing spots and on November 27th, we are having the elec-tion of the 2019 Board of Directors along side our Silent Auction. Joe Sherer has accumulated a lot of special Fly Fishing Equipment and I heard we will also be auctioning off a fishing trip with one of our local guides. I might also add there will probably be some items that have a minimum bid due to their actual value, more on this later.
The third item of great interest is our Holiday Party for 2018. It will be held on December 8th 6:00 – 10:00 PM at the same place as last year, Viera East Res-idents Club in Rockledge. A flyer with additional information, including direc-tions will be attached to the Rag. Hopefully you will be able to call it up on the new website calendar before then. There will be a raffle, same as past years, we just haven’t decided what it will be yet. Tickets will $5 each or 5 tickets for $20, and as in past years, we will have some great raffle prizes available.
Just got word that our new website baseline has been put on the internet. Right now it is “bare bones” but Keith is working to add additional information and expand it’s efficiency at giving FFFA more exposure to potential new members. Got something you would like to have put on the website, sent it to Keith as he will be our Web Master for the moment. We will give him some help as it picks-up steam.