August Monthly News


August 2018

It sure feels like we are in the “Dog days of summer” with the temperature and humidity hovering around 90/100 and being chased inside most afternoons by the thunderstorms with their torrential downpours.  I guess that my only complaints are that rain means the grass grows and I must cut it, and it is almost too hot to fish plus I am not fond of being in a metal boat on the water during a lightning show.

This month we will be posting the articles and notes of interest on our new website, which has the same address as the old one, or  Hopefully most of the members have registered and have their account.  We, the board will do our best to ensure that we keep it up to date and keep you informed on what is happening around the neighborhood.

For security reasons and keeping the website in order, only Keith Braun and myself can make changes to the website proper.  Members can load items to their user accounts and if they desire to have them posted on the website proper, let Keith or I know.  Or intent is once we get the website firmed up, we hope to open up some areas to all members.  Also remember, there will be some areas that will be open to “member’s only” that have registered. Example is the roster and anything that maybe considered sensitive. You will also see that you can view the events calendar as a list or in calendar format, and if you are on your phone, the events can be transferred directly to your phone calendar.

Steve Lo is our Nominating Committee Lead and if you can give him a hand in calling the members and setting up a ballot for the 2019 Board, please give him a call, text or an e-mail. I would like to publish a ballot by the October General Membership Meeting and with the new website, we will probably post it there.

Remember that October will also be our Hot-Spots presentation and Aldo Martin has worked diligently in working with the presenters and Keith to ensure that we have another super presentation. We will also have applications for FFFA membership available at the meeting for those interested in joining our club.

November will be our silent auction and the election of the 2019 Board of Directors.

Our speakers for the August General Membership meeting is Dr. Jon Schenker, Bone fish research, and in September Capt. Rick Worman, one of our supporting local guide, who by the way, is donating a fishing trip to the club’s silent auction. (There will be a minimum bid of $150 on the trip, due to its market value)

We will conclude our yearly events with the Holiday Party on December the 8th at the Viera East Residents Club, the flyer will be posted on the website shortly with the directions. The will also be a sign-up list for those planning to attend along with a space for your side dish.  The club furnishes the meat, turkey and ham, along with dressing, masked potatoes and gravy. Sodas will also be provided, and those who would like a beer of wine are welcomed to do so. Looking forward to seeing you there as we will also introduce the 2019 Board of Directors.