April Monthly News

April 2019

This month’s speaker is Laurilee Thompson, a lifelong Brevard County resident, who has been part the commercial marine fishing industry her entire life. She has dedicated a large part of her life to protecting the commercial marine fisheries and the coastal waters of this State and the Indian River Lagoon. That sounds like a contradiction but it is not. Ms. Thompson knows from first hand experience that one cannot exist without the other. Some know Ms. Thompson as the co-owner of Dixie Crossroads, the premier seafood restaurant in Brevard County. Some know her as a pioneer in the commercial fishing industry. Some know her as an advocate for our environment and the fishing industry. Her passion for life is contagious. We all owe Ms. Thompson a debt of gratitude for protecting the local environment and particularly our beloved IRL and coastal waters. She is a remarkable woman and you do not want to miss an opportunity to hear her speak about the IRL’s past, present and future. Please join us on Tuesday, April 23 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM at the Manatee Room at Dixie Crossroads Restaurant. The end of April means its time for the south Florida canal fishing trip! We are expecting a large turnout. I am really looking forward to my first trip with the association. Our flying tying class had a good turnout. That is a good indication that we will be ready to catch some fish. Our friends from the west coast will be joining up with us and a fish fry is planned for Saturday. The weather forecast is good so far. See you there!
Stephen M. Moon, Esq.